matlab代寫-Tile of the Project

Tile of the Project

Report should contain Introduction, Theory, Results, Conclusions and References parts. Please keep your report between 1600-2100 words (excluding tables, figures, and appendices). It is preferred to keep the number of pages of the report below 20 (1 sided).

  • Report structure does have 15% of the assignments’ marks . It is also impacting on the flow and clarity of your report.
  • Please keep your report brief, avoid unnecessary information, and repetition.
  • Please insert the large tables/calculation tables in appendix; a large appendix should be avoided.
  • The size of figures/plots should be reasonable (all information should be clear).
  • Please provide units and legend for the figures.
  • A table should not be in two pages. There is not restriction on table font and sizing as long as it is

    large enough to be legible.

  • The figures/plot should clearly present the quantity or concept that is discussed in the text. Please try to make the figures informative with appropriate legend and caption.
  • Please avoid inserting the captured picture of software in the report except final mesh, contours, vectors and xy-plots. The steps can be simply explained in the text.
  • Please address the questions of the assignment step by step on the result part. Theory can be discussed in the introduction and methodology parts.
  • Don’t forget the page number.
  1. Introduction (100-200 words)

    The font of the report in the main text should be “Calibri”, Size 11, 1.0 spacing and all paragraphs with “Justify” format. Please make the chapters’ font bold with size 12 and keep all the margins (top, bottom, left, and right) of page setup not below 2 cm.

  2. Theory or Methodology (400-500 words)

    In this section briefly discuss the governing equations, assumptions, chosen models, and setup up for the parameters. Please DO NOT just copy and paste from lecture notes. Please number the equations.

  3. Results (1000-1200 words)

Provide the results here with necessary figures and tables; also, provide the caption and unit for the tables/figures. There is no restriction for table and figure font size; it can be smaller than 11 (9 is preferable), but it should be large enough to be read. Don’t forget to analyse the data and interpret the physics behind. Explain each section’s results in different parts (3.1, 3.2, …). Example and brief calculation of each used equation (with a proper referencing) should be provided in the report; you can define the used equation in section 2, refer to it in this section, and just show the sample calculations. The procedure to reach your final results should be clearly and briefly explained.

Conclusion (100-200 word)

A brief conclusion should be provided here.


英国作业代写,代写英文,英文论文润色代考价格-论文代写高质量平台Cite your references here.

Appendix (not more than 10 1-sided pages)

英国作业代写,代写英文,英文论文润色代考价格-论文代写高质量平台Your developed code in MATLAB or Excel should be provided here (with proper and brief explanation of the functionality of each part of it). Long tables can be also shown here. There is no restriction on font size and spacing, but it should be large enough to be readable.

Please DO NOT provide your main results at this section as the appendices are only further support of the main study.